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Returning to class made easy

We are delighted that the Government has now made the decision to allow in person classes to recommence.   Lockdown started so long ago and we’ve all worked so hard and have been patiently waiting for this day.  Nobody could be more excited than us that we can see all of our students in person and start getting back to some normality.

As I am sure you understand, in order for classes to re-open and ensure the safety and welfare of everyone we have been issued with stringent guidelines to follow.

We want to highlight how classes will be run for the foreseeable future and until further easing is allowed.  Please rest assured it is our aim to keep the classes upbeat, fun, positive and as familiar as we can.

We are completely aware that everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to easing back into everyday life after lockdown.  It’s not been easy on anyone.  With this in mind, this page has been designed to ease any concerns that some of you may have and reassure you that we have taken lots of measures to ensure the safety of students, parents and instructors.  

For those of you not yet comfortable with returning to class yet please rest assured we will still run a zoom class each week.  These will continue until at least September.

How we are asking you to social distance in and around our venue

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Getting to the venue

Waiting outside

Entering the building

Starting your class

Leaving your class

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Contact within the classroom

Details of how the classes will run during social distancing

Hygiene and cleaning

Washing hands and cleaning between class

things to note

Details of uniforms, what to bring into class , first aid & track and trace

Increased timetable

Our new timetable coming back to classes

Risk Assessment

Our policy

Contact within the classroom

Arriving to Class:

  • Please do not arrive to class early.  This is to ensure that all students and parents from the previous class have left before the next class starts.  There will be a ten minute break between each class starting and finishing.
  • We ask that you form a queue behind the marked line outside of the building.  Please ensure that you keep a space of one meters between yourself and each other student.  You should queue in a line behind each other.
  • To ensure the safety of the instructors it is imperative that you do not enter the building until you are advised to do so.
  • An instructor will open the doors and stand outside to let you know that the class is ready to open and start.
  • We will invite each student to enter the classroom one at a time and they will be asked to stand on an allocated spot.  
  • Upon entering the building each student will be asked to sanitize their hands using the automatic dispenser.  
  • Once the student has entered the classroom, we ask that the parents leave ensuring a social distance is maintained from anyone else still waiting to enter the class.
  • Parents will not be able to watch classes due to limited capacity restrictions.  If there is an exceptional circumstance and you need to spectate please let us know and we will arrange this.  However, only one parent and no siblings will be allowed.

Within the classroom:

  • Each student will be allocated their own spot (footprint) to stand on through the duration of the class. 
  • All students will stand side by side (on their socially distanced spot) and not face to face throughout the lessons.
  • Class sizes will continued to be reduced to allow for social distancing.  A social distance of two meters will be maintained between instructors throughout the entire lesson.
  • We ask that all students in the Little Dragon and Junior Warrior classes have been to the toilet before class.  If a student is in need of the toilet, they will be asked to make their way to the toilet. They will need to wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet.  Hands will be dried using paper towels which can be disposed of in the supplied bin.
  • We will be using weapons, pads, dummies but they will be cleaned after each student.  This is to avoid cross-contamination.
  • There will now be partner work in our leadership and adult classes but everyone will be kept in bubbles.
  • Students will be instructed from the designated instructor spot at the front of the lessons
  • All windows and doors will be kept open during the duration of the class.  We will also be running fans at full speed to ensure sufficient air circulation throughout the building.

Leaving class:

  • We ask that you wait outside of the building behind the marked line in a socially distanced queue until the class has finished.  You MUST NOT enter the building at any time.
  • Students will be asked to leave one at a time by the instructor to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • As each student leaves the class, they will be asked to sanitise their hands using the automatic dispenser.
  • Upon students being dismissed we ask that you leave promptly ensuring you maintain a social distance from those waiting.
  • There will be an opportunity to speak to the instructors after lessons. We will still want to ensure the lines of communication are kept open and we can support as much as possible.  So, please do e-mail or call to discuss any concerns.

Hygiene and cleaning

Hygiene and Cleaning:

  • We will be leaving a ten minute gap between each class to ensure that all students leave the class before the next students arrive.  During this time we will be sanitising and cleaning the entire training area in preparation for the next class.  This will include disinfecting the handles, floors, toilets and any other high traffic areas.
  • Hand wash will be available to use in toilets and automatic sanitiser stations will be set up.  These will be replenished regularly to ensure adequate supply is available at all times.

other things to note

Protecting everyone:

  • We would ask all students to come to class wearing their Kung Fu uniforms.  It is encouraged that all uniforms should be washed after use and before attending the next lesson.
  • Students are ONLY allowed to attend the class that they are booked in for.  Should you be unable to attend this class you would then be invited to join the zoom class as we will not be able to facilitate you booking into another class.
  • Should First Aid need to be carried out in a lesson safety protocols will be followed.  Both instructors and students will wear a mask, gloves and eye protection to ensure safety.
  • Attendance will be tracked for each class and should a student develop Covid symptoms we will contact all relevant parents to inform them.  We will follow the track and trace protocol as advised by the Government.
  • Should you feel ill or experience any symptoms of Covid 19, you will be unable to attend class for 10 days.  Should you be tested positive for Covid-19 you MUST inform us immediately.  We will then need to follow the track and trace protocol to ensure all relevant students and instructors are informed.  In the event that you have been exposed to Covid-19 and have been instructed to self-isolate it is imperative that you do so.  This is to ensure the health and safety of all members and instructors of the school and prevent further closure.  There are students, parents and instructors that fall into the vulnerable category and so your cooperation with this is incredibly  important.

Take a look at our risk assessment