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Hi everyone
I just wanted to follow up on the recent announcement from the Prime Minister which has confirmed that gyms and people offering indoor sports and training such as ourselves, gyms and dance schools not yet being able to open.
The science behind this provides a really good reason as to why we aren’t quite ready to open out doors, despite the good progress being made. When exercising your are exerting yourself which then results in heavier breathing and what I believe is described as an aerosol type spray effect which happens as a result of this more rapid breathing. Despite classes that are social distanced and windows and doors being kept open this does then result in an increased risk of spread. Especially in the confines of a hall or studio.
This is the exact reason that the decision has been made and to me it does make sense. I’m not here to questions what’s wrong or right but as a school I simply need to follow the guidelines And trust the advice given. Schools have also set up “bubbles” for those students that have returned and the idea of this is to keep both staff and students safe. My understanding is that local authorities have asked that these bubbles aren’t compromised by further mixing students in out of school activities. Which again, does seem logical and understandable.
Some people have asked about outdoor lessons. But these just aren’t logistical. They would have to be held in somewhere like a public park. How could I safeguard the children and ensure untoward members of the public weren’t watching the classes, that a dog doesn’t come up and bite a student or that a ball is thrown or kicked and injured a student. I couldn’t and because of these risks, I wouldn’t be insured. I just couldn’t guarantee safety and safeguarding.
Nobody is more disappointed than me that I can’t get classes up and running again and welcome you al back. I’m desperate for that day to happen and hope you are too. Just like everything we need to trust the process and as I’ve said before I will never ever compromise the health of my students and instructors. It’s something I refuse to do.
We are hopeful that as long as numbers continue to head in the right direction new guidance will be issued which will announce classes can recommence in mid July. We have everything crossed for this and with this in mind are working hard and making some significant changes that we are truly hoping you will support us with to ensure that we can make this happen and in a way that is sustainable for us to continue running as a business that has in all honesty been through hard time. I can guarantee you 100% that until we that we will do everything we can to make classes as safe as possible.
I’d just like to say thank you again for all of the support and loyalty shown by every single one of you. It has just confirmed to me what I already knew and that is that we are like a family and are such an amazing school. It’s been such a tough time for everyone. But the continuity of seeing the students virtually and watching the progress they have made despite their worlds were turned upside down shows me what amazing people they all are! If you can been strong and determined in time’s like this then you can achieve anything.
Thanks again and we will continue to keep you posted as things develop and more information is released.

Update for June

Stephen Dunsdon