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Welcome to Kung Fu Schools Horsham

At Kung Fu Schools we understand that learning a martial art is more than just learning to kick and punch. We focus very much on developing our students mentally as well as physically. Our training will help your child to concentrate and focus and will also teach them the importance of discipline and respect.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer fun and engaging classes, which will allow your children to grow in confidence and build new friendships. Our teaching style focuses on positive reinforcement which we believe boosts self-esteem and keeps the children enthusiastic.

Learning Kung Fu teaches children the importance of learning to respect others, discipline, the ability to stay focused and how to persevere. We believe that these are great life lessons that will help your child through all aspects of their life, both in and outside the Kung Fu classroom.

Kung Fu – it’s more than just a martial art.



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Children’s Kung Fu Classes

Our children’s classes are split into two age groups.

The Little Dragons classes are for children aged between 4 and 7 and the Junior classes are for children aged 8-12.

Both classes are upbeat and structured to get the very best out of each and every child.

During classes feedback and encouragement is given using positive reinforcement, which we believe helps to increase confidence and encourage enthusiasm.

Each class will cover a number of activities keeping the children engaged and focused throughout.

We also use our very own reward scheme which encourages the children to aim high and achieve goals both inside and outside the classes.

Kung Fu Schools work using a traditional sash (belt) ranking system. We encourage the children to work hard, focus and remain committed in order to reach the ultimate goal of being awarded their black sash.


Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 4-7

“Little Dragons”


littledragonspicThe Little Dragons classes are a great introduction to martial arts focusing on fun, encouragement and character building.  We love to reward the children for their achievements both during classes and for doing well in activities outside of the Kung Fu classroom.

The Little Dragon’s Programme is structured to teach very important skills which will help them in every area of their life.  Each grading requires the children to focus on activities that will keep them sharper, more focused, and better developed physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

Ensuring that a child remains confident is paramount.  Children will be made to feel comfortable in classes and we aim to bring out the best in every student allowing each of them to shine in their own way.

All of our classes are taught in a friendly fun environment and all instructors are fully trained and CRB checked.


Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 8-12

“Junior Warriors”

The Juniors programme is aimed at children who are becoming more mature. We understand that children of this age are developing quickly and are able to retain more information during the class.

We follow a structured curriculum which ranges from basic self-defence to working with weapons, partners and drill work. This encourages the child to think more like a martial artist and gain the skills needed to take them through to their adult classes.

Juniors will work through the grading system and will be encouraged to focus and concentrate in order to be rewarded with their next sash. As with the younger class, we continue to build on developing each childs confidence, self-belief and a determined spirt.

The most important thing is that all children come to classes and walk away having had a fun lesson and are trying to continue improving all their time.
All lessons are taught in a friendly and upbeat manner by fully trained instructors who are CRB-checked.

So why not book your child in for our free, no-obligation trial lessons? You get 4 weeks FREE to see if Kung Fu is right for them. The 1st lesson is by appointment, so book now!


Our Kung Fu Family:

Kung Fu Schools Horsham is very much a family business. The school is run by Stephen Dunsdon our Head Instructor who has many years martial arts experience.

However, keeping Steve organised and efficient and working closely with him to promote the school is his wife Kelly.

The family connection doesn’t stop there. Our daughter Bella regularly attends classes of her own and is sometimes a “little helper” with the Little Dragons.

Our aim is to ensure that each and every student becomes part of our extended family and our aim is to encourage an atmosphere whereby we encourage and support each other.



Adult Kung Fu Classes


We pride ourselves on ensuring that our adult classes are friendly and give people through all stages of life the opportunity to thrive.  Each class is run so that you can participate at a pace that suits you.  Our classes are non-competitive, and focus on development of skill, body awareness, and self-confidence. With a family like atmosphere, all members of the school love to encourage each other and show support and enthusiasm to fellow Kung Fu students through their journey together.  Lots of our students have experienced the benefits of learning Kung Fu not just by developing their self-defence skills but have also found it has increased their self-confidence, helped with fitness levels and stress-relief.  We’d love to see you in our classes, why not come along for a 4 week FREE trial so that you can try the benefits for yourself…


Kung Fu Schools Horsham Location

Our classes are held at the Roffey Millennium Hall one of the largest community venues in Horsham, located on the Crawley Road just outside the town centre. The hall is easily accessible by car and is minutes from the A264. There is ample free car parking to the rear of the hall. There are two frequent bus routes (23 and 200) which run along the Crawley Road with stops located just a few minutes’ walk from the hall and is also just 1.5 miles from the centrally located Horsham Train Station.




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We teach our action packed, confidence building, smile inducing Kung Fu classes from Roffey Millennium Hall, Crawley Road, Horsham. West Sussex. RH12 4DT

Come along and see for yourself… just in case you hadn’t noticed 🙂 We offer 4 weeks free Kung Fu lessons so that you can see for yourself with no obligation or pressure… We’re parents too, and fully understand how fickle children can be.





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